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Welcome to the Mallorca Physiotherapy Blog. On this page you will find articles written by Lauren covering a wide range of health and fitness issues to help you stay in working order.

Lauren Has amassed a huge amount of knowledge in physiotherapy over the years and it seemed only sensible that she share this with the world and help that world stay in shape!

If you have any specific questions about issues raised in Lauren's articles or if you need advice on an existing health issue that has been causing you problems then get in touch with Lauren to see how she can help you.

Below you'll find a list of articles that you may find interesting or helpful. We hope you enjoy them, that you find them useful and that they provide you with some knowledge that may benefit you.

Make the Change

There's never been a better time to make some important lifestyle changes as right now! This post introduces you to the research showing the enormous benefits of weight loss in relation to Type II Diabetes and how this affects the Covid-19 vaccine. Lauren will also let you into some of the secrets on how to get started, shhhh don't tell everyone! ..View Article

Work from home they said…

As Covid-19 has many of us working from home at the moment, Lauren wanted to give you a few tips on setting up your workspace to help prevent the onset of head, neck and shoulder pain. Have a read and find out how to make the best of it.....View Article

What is ‘Proning’ anyway?

Lauren gives the lowdown on a treatment technique called 'proning' - what it is, how it works and why it's relevant for patients with Covid-19..View Article

Mission: Healthy Body Weight

Lauren talks about the importance of maintaining healthy weight in your lifestyle...View Article

Live strong and prosper!

Laura talks about the importance of exercise and how you can tone up and keep in shape even from the comfort of your own home...View Article

But I don’t sit down all day

Are you active and getting enough proper exercise to keep your body healthy and in tip top form? Lauren has some ideas...View Article

MRI scan for low back pain?

Lauren discusses whether an MRI is really necessary in when diagnosing and treating lower back pain...View Article

Before Physio I was really unstable

Lauren looks at issues to do with shoulder pain and the treatment available for sufferers of it...View Article

Sit up straight!

Find yourself slouching or sitting awkwardly when working? You could be doing yourself harm. Lauren discusses...View Article

Guide to happy knees

Let's talk about your knees and why they're super important to your body's general health. It's important to keep them happy!..View Article